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Forest Friends Associations Photo Contest “Forest Photographer of the Year 2013”

ypef 16/01/2014
Each year, Forest Friends Associations asks and encourages young people to send photographs that speak to a particular theme related with forests matters. Photos were judged on educational merits, creativity and photographic quality by panel of experts in the field of forest educations. This year in our contests participated almost 700 young amateur photo enthusiasts from over whole Poland!!!


Thank you for your participations and commitment!

As we wrote in the contests rules of the “Autumn Forest “,  we’ve selected mini-contests participants who gained the most points in total in all mini contests in 2013: ”Forest in Winter”, “Spring in the Forest”, “Autumn Forest”.

Title of “Forest Photographer of the Year 2013” goes to:

1. Category for elder photo contest participants:

Tomasz Borukało

2. Category for youngest  photo contest participants:

Roksana Maciąga



Diplomas and prizes will be sent by mail.

We encourage you to visit our Facebook and TPL site and YPEF site. All resultsyou can see here.