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Hallo Schüler und Lehrer – hier ist eure Seite von Young People in European Forests! Herzlich willkommen!

          VII Edition of International Contest YPEF         

National stage in Germany 2017


The German national competition for the contest „Young People in European Forests” 2017 was completed successfully in July.

The winner of the National Stage is a team from the Humboldt-Gymnasium in Eberswalde. The national competition is organized by the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde and the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald – Landesverband Brandenburg e.V.
In 2017 the two partner institutions publicly called for student groups, aged 14 to 19, to produce a short film about forests, including ideas about economic, social and environmental issues of management. All contributions to the contest showed great ideas regarding the environment and advanced skills in video production.
A jury selected the short film of the following students: Mark Rathsmann, Friedrich Leukhardt, Arne Sommer as the winner.

The winning team has the right to represent Germany at the European Final of “YPEF” in Sopron, Hungary in September 2017.

The seventh edition of the YPEF contest announced!

The YPEF International Commission announces the seventh edition of the international contest Young People in European Forests. National stages of the contest will be held between 1st of February and 15th of September 2017. The European Stage will be organized by Hungarian Forestry Association and will take place in Sopron, Hungary in the last week of September 2017.
Below we publish the Rules of YPEF contest 2016/2017:

Rules of the YPEF contest 2016/2017
and educational materials for YPEF 2016/ 2017:


Welcome to the YPEF VII !
We wish you success!


          VI Edition of International Contest YPEF

National stage in Germany 2016


YPEF is testing the knowledge about forests and creativity of young people between 13 to 19 years. It will be organized in 10 european countries. To be won are prizes in kind and the winner team of the national stage will take part at the international Forest conference 2016, which takes place in Latvia this year. At this conference from 28th of September to 30th of September 2016 the winners of all participating countries come together to discuss the status and the future of european forests. Exciting forest activities and field trips will be part of the programme.
Around 50 pupils from 2 schools (Grammar schools) in 2 towns from two States (Brandenburg and Nordrhein-Westfalen) took part at the international contest of "Young People in European Forests" this year!

And the winners are Sena Arslan, Dilara Cankaya and Evrim Düzenli
from Grillo-Gymnasium in Gelsenkirchen


2nd place: Tobias Mehl, Jule Rathmann and Friederike Wiemer
         (Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde)
3rd place: Annika Kühn, Anna Reimann and Eva Heidebrunn
         (Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde)

Regional special award:
         Saskia Marie Wittner, Lina Doreen Günter and Anne Bludovsky for their poster
         about “Müll im Wald”


Thanks to all German participants and their teachers for taking part at National stage of Young people in European Forests 2016! Hope to welcome you again next year!

Moritz Wenning and Astrid Schilling


Poster gallery 2016


The sixth edition of the YPEF contest announced!


The YPEF International Commission announces the sixth edition of the international contest Young People in European Forests. National stages of the contest will be held between 1st of February and 15th of September 2016. The European Stage will be organized by YPEF National Commission Latvia and will take place at the end of September or beginning of October 2016 in Latvia.

The educational materials for YPEF 2015/ 2016 will be coming soon. Keep following our website.

Young people from all over Europe – JOIN YPEF 2015/2016!

YPEF National Stage in Germany 2015

The winners of this year’s contest are again Chantal Bohn, Luca Nahs and Philine Wegner from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde. They will go to Busteni in Romania, a mountain resort in Prahova Valley, at the foothills of Bucegi Natural Park. On Wednesday the 15th of July 2015 the winners were honoured at the plenary meeting of the last school day before summer holidays. All pupils, teachers and the principal of the school attended the event. The winners received a high quality tent for future stays, adventures and excursions into the forest. In addition further prices were given to the students who came second and third in the contest. The second place received Nele Gehricke, Lisa Schill and Pirkko Wolbrink and the third place Liesa Wehner and Shirley Daugsch. Furthermore there was a different group of students of another school that came third: Maximilian Friederisszyk, Johannes Herzog and Peer-Alec Poppe of OSZ OPR Neuruppin. Congratulations to all of you! Very well done! Thanks to all German participants and their teachers for taking part in the national contest of Young People in European Forests 2015! We hope to welcome you again next year!

HNE Eberswalde
Faculty of Forest and Environment
Contact person: Astrid Schilling , e-mail:


National Stage in Germany 2014

ypef  13/08/2014

Chantal Bohn, Lucas Nahs and Philine Wegner from Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde won the national final of "Young People in European Forests” in Germany.