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National Stage in Hungary

The YPEF 2014 national final completed successfully

The Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium’s team won in the national final of "Young People in European Forests” study contest. 11 high schools’ students got into the national final and compare their knowledge with each other.


The national competition is organized by the Hungarian National Forestry Association and the ‘Kitaibel Pál high school biology and environmental study contest’.

The students participating in the final had to solve a test about the European forest and forestry, and had to make a scientific poster on the importance of Acacia forests in Hungary, referring the distribution, the ecological and economic importance of the species and its current assessment in our country. The scientific posters produced by the teams one by one represented a very high standard, not only one even at university level.

The top three teams and their students:

1. Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium

Nényei Piroska

Alföldi Rozália

Kozma Katica

2. Eötvös József Gimnázium és Kollégium

Éliás Máté

Payer Attila

Horváth Edvárd

3. Városmajori gimnázium

Király Szilvia

Kollár Petra

Czikkely Márton


The first place team has the right to represent Hungary in the international final, which will be held in autumn 2014 in Eberswalde, Germany.

The organization of the national stages was supported by the Ministry of Rural Development Green Source Programme (‘Zöld Forrás Program’).

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