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Dr. Michał Orzechowski - the new YPEF IC Chairman!


From 1st of January 2018, Dr. Michał Orzechowski, Vice - Dean of Forestry Faculty of Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland will be the new YPEF International Commission Chairman. He is a forester and the university teacher. From the first edition of the YPEF contest is very closed to the YPEF programme. We wish him many successes and further development of the YPEF idea!





VII Edition of International Contest YPEF

          VII Edition of International Contest YPEF         


YPEF 2017 International Final in Hungary

ZdjęcieZdjęcieThe best teams of 10 European countries gathered between 27-30 September to compare their knowledge on forests in Sopron city, which is the home of the forestry higher education in Hungary.

In the final high school students’ teams with mixed nationality competed with each other. Beside their knowledge their creativity was deciding too. The international team consisted of Ukrainian, Estonian and German members won the "Young People in European Forests" contest in Hungary. In addition, however, there was a way of competing between national team as well.

The competition was held for the seventh time this year. Its aim was for young people to get acquainted with European forests, forestry and their role in nature and environment protection. I addition they had to get an objective image on the preservation of the natural resources, and the necessity of the sustainable forest management in their narrower environments and on a European scale too.

Students of Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Poland, Lithuania, Hungary, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Ukraine participated in the international final.


Three contests were held in Sopron:

  • “Who knows more about Hungary?” quiz (national teams)

o 1st place: Austria

o 2nd place: Romania

o 3rd place: Poland

  • Country and Forest” presentation (national teams)

o 1st place: Germany, Hungary (with the same score)

o 2nd place: Estonia, Romania (with the same score)

o 3rd place: Portugal

  • Young People in European Forests” contest (international teams)

o 1st place: Tetiana Novosolova (Ukraine), Herman Rull (Estonia), Arne Sommer (Germany)

o 2nd place: Maria CarmenLesan (Romania), JanMessner (Czech Republic), Wojciech Wegrzyn (Poland)

o 3rd place: Veronika Maksakova (Ukraine), Alin PatricBan (Romania), Benjámin Uri (Hungary)


See the pictures here:


Congratulations to the winners!

Dear students, teachers! The YPEF 2018 contest is scheduled to be launched at the end of this year. The National and International Contest Commissions invite all students to participate in the YPEF event in 2018! The next year YPEF international final will be held in Lithuania.


Join us next year as well!

Results of the International Final in Hungary!


17Tetiana NovosolovaUkraineHerman RullEstoniaArne SommerGermany3332,913,479,3
29Maria Carmen LesanRomaniaJan MessnerCzech RepublicWojciech WegrzynPoland2834,313,375,6
36Veronika MaksakovaUkraineAlin Patric BanRomaniaBenjámin UriHungary3231,911,475,3
48Yevheniia DubrovaUkraineAndré BalsaPortugalHelene MayerhoferAustria3033,410,373,7
55Lukas GrammelhoferAustriaMatous HrubanCzech RepublicDarius SavelLithuania2929,114,772,8
62Martti VankerEstoniaTreitler BrigitteAustriaBruna CorreiaPortugal2931,312,372,6
74Imre BoldizsárHungaryRugilé AndrejevskytéLithuaniaLenka BarnetováCzech Republic3129,511,972,3
83Horatiu-Gabriel PlaianRomaniaMonika VidutoLithuaniaFriedrich LeukhardtGermany2732,511,971,4
910Lili BalsaiHungaryKamila BugajPolandAna PintoPortugal2430,911,466,3
101Jakub CzolowskiPolandMark RathsmannGermanyMadis ReemanEstonia1929,113,661,6


Congratulations for all participants of the Final!

YPEF 2017 International Final in Hungary

Hungary has been waiting for you!”


The international final of the seventh YPEF contest will be organized in Hungary, in Sopron (27- 30 September), in the city, which is the home of the forestry higher education in Hungary. The organizer is the Hungarian Forestry Association.

The students from different countries will compete in international teams, which will be assembled in the first day evening. These teams will have to solve the tasks in the official YPEF contest (test and outdoor activities in forest). W e hope the detailed rules are well known to everyone:

We would like this year's European competition to come to an exciting, interesting event and fair rivalry, where students can learn about the culture and the natural values of the organizing country as well. To do this, beside the usual competitive tasks, we will present our country: language, culture, food, folk customs. For example:

· during the contest typical Hungarian dishes will be offered (adults can get acquainted with Hungarian wines as well);

· in the first evening – as an icebreaking event – the students will take part in a playful quiz about Hungary. In this way we would like to encourage you all to read and learn more about our country; (Learn more about the competition venue, Sopron, the most loyal Hungarian town:

  • and last evening we organize a so-called ‘dance house’ (“Táncház” in Hungarian) to deepen our friendships. The ‘dance house’ is a typical Hungarian form of folk culture preservation. In the ‘dance house’ you can get to learn and even try the Hungarian dances. Do not forget to bring suitable footwear and clothing! (Girls, do not leave your skirts home!);

See what this means in the practice:

· in addition, this year will not be only one winner: everyone has more chances to win, because we announce several winners .

We will provide students and their companions with useful information in several channels at the right time. Stay tuned…!

Contest Commission Hungary

National Stage Contest YPEF in Austria – 18th of May 2017!


The National Stage Contest took place on 18th of May 2017 at the Technical Forestry High School Bruck / Mur (Styria), Dr. Theodor Körnerstrasse 44, 8600 Bruck / Mur.

In Austria the Contest was organized by the Union of Austrian Foresters

The Contest language was Englisch.

The Contest has two parts:

1st part: Test (answering a list of preapared questions about European forests)

2nd part: short PP-presentation of „Different issues about Austrian Forest`s”

Participants are students from the - Forestry High School.

Winners are Helene Mayerhofer, Brigitte Treitler and Lukas Grammelhofer.

They will go in outumn, accompanied by members of the National Commission (Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Pojer and Ing. Schweighofer) to the International Contest in Hungary.

HR Ing. Wolfgang Schweighofer

(President of National Commission)

National Stage in Germany


The German national competition for the contest „Young People in European Forests” 2017 was completed successfully in July.

The winner of the National Stage is a team from the Humboldt-Gymnasium in Eberswalde. The national competition is organized by the University of Applied Sciences in Eberswalde and the Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald – Landesverband Brandenburg e.V.
In 2017 the two partner institutions publicly called for student groups, aged 14 to 19, to produce a short film about forests, including ideas about economic, social and environmental issues of management. All contributions to the contest showed great ideas regarding the environment and advanced skills in video production.
A jury selected the short film of the following students: Mark Rathsmann, Friedrich Leukhardt, Arne Sommer as the winner.

The winning team has the right to represent Germany at the European Final of “YPEF” in Sopron, Hungary in September 2017.