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We know the results of the YPEF III edition!


On 25-26. September 2013 took place in the National Park Peneda-Gerês in Portugal  the European final of  the YPEF III contest. The winners are: Katica Kozma, Lehel Csobaji,  Gergely Ujvári and teacher Dávid Vetlényi from Hungary. Second place went to:  Anastasia  Antoniadou, Chara Georgoglou, Paraskevi Theocharopoulou and teacher Maria Cheimonopoulou from Greece. Third place was taken by: Kasia Franiczek, Kamil Przybyła,  Filip Taratuta and teacher Janusz Pociecha from Poland.


I place - Hungary

On the photo: Lehel Csobaji, João Soveral (Vice President of ICNF – Instituto da Coservacao da Natureza e das Florestas), Katica Kozma,  Gergely Ujvári

II place -  Greece                                                        III place - Poland

         On the photo: Chara Georgoglou,                    On the photo: Filip Taratuta, Aleksandra
       Paraskevi Theocharopoulou, Francisco Carvalho      Piasecka (Polish State Forests), Kamil Przybyła,

     Guerra (President of FORESTIS), Anastasia          Kasia Franiczek, Janusz Pociecha (teacher),
                 Anastasia Antoniadou                            Stanisław Biernacki (Forests Friends Association)



YPEF International Commission meeting in Porto

ypef 12/08/2013

On 27th of June the members of YPEF International Commission met in Porto to discuss the organizational issues concerning the YPEF contest Final which will take place in Portugal in September this year.
The representatives of YPEF IC also had a chance to visit the Peneda Geres National Park. where the final will be held. We are sure that the national winners are going to have a really great time there during the Final.
We also discussed matters concerning the YPEF contest’s 4th edition which is going to take place next year. You can expect very much modified educational materials for the next edition, which we hope will be even more interesting for the participants. More Info »

National stage in Germany

ypef 15/07/2013

In Germany the National stage contest „Young people in European Forests” 2012/13 took place at the end of May /beginning of June 2013. The contest has been organized by the Faculty of Forest and Environment of the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde.

Three schools from 3 cities took part at the contest with teams of 2 to 3 pupils:

  • Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium, Eberswalde (7 teams)
  • Barnim Gymnasium, Bernau (7 teams)
  • Freies Joachimsthaler Gymnasium, Joachimsthal (3 teams)

Altogether 49 pupils took part at this first contest of YPEF at least. The pupils were at the age of 13 until 17 years. The tests were carried out in the schools by the organizers themselves or students of the Faculty of Forest and Environment. 
The best team is a group of young people at the age of 16 to 17 years from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium in Eberswalde.

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YPEF National Stage in Portugal

ypef 20/06/2013

The national stage of YPEF contest in Portugal – the host country of this year’s final is finished.

The winning team who is going to represent Portugal on the final is: Ana Rita Pinto Ferreira and Marina Isabel Martins Bento from the 11th grade of school Agrupamento de Escolas de Valongo.

At the national stage the team received the score of 72,5 points.


YPEF National Stage in Poland

ypef 03/06/2013

On the 21st of May 2013 took place in the Warsaw University of Life Sciences the Final of the national stage of YPEF contest in Poland. In the final participated 37 teams with the best score achieved in the YPEF qualifying contest which was held in schools around Poland.

The best team on the final with 47 points was the team of students from II High School in Racibórz: Katarzyna Franiczek, Filip Taratuta and Kamil Przybyła. They will represent Poland in September on the European Final – congratulations!

more info:

YPEF National Stage in Greece

ypef 20/05/2013

The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest was held on Saturday 20 of April 2013. The Contest was organized by the Special Secretariat for Forests, the Management Body of Parnitha National Forest Park, and the local forest services.  

134 teams of students participated to the contest. Congratulation to all the students for their effort. 

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