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The YPEF ICC meetinng in Sagadi.

On 27th -28th of June took place the YPEF International Contest Commission meeting in Sagadi, Estonia – place of the European , final stage in September. In the meeting took part:
Thomas Baschny and Wolfgang Schweighofer from Austria, Marek Šuba from Czech Republic, Kristi Teppo, Juta Jago and Mart Kelk from Estonia, Anna Derveni and Ioannis Ziazaris from Greece, Laura Zalcmane from Latvia, Eglė Mankevičienė and Mindaugas Maksvytis from Lithuania, Albert Dudek, Andrzej Kawalec and Albert Stoma from Poland.

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National Stage in Germany

In Germany the National stage contest „Young people in European Forests” 2011/12 took place at the end of May 2012. The contest has been organized by the Faculty of Forest and Environment of the University of Sustainable Development Eberswalde.
Three schools from 3 cities took part at the contest with teams of 2 to 3 pupils:
•    Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium, Eberswalde (5 teams)
•    Barnim Gymnasium, Bernau (9 teams!)
•    OSZ Ostprignitz, Neuruppin (1 team)
Altogether 38 pupils took part at this first contest of YPEF at least. The pupils were at the age of 14 until 18 years. The tests were carried out in the schools by the organizers themselves or students of the Faculty of Forest and Environment. 
The best team is a group of young people at the age of 15 to 16 years from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium in Eberswalde. 

The winners of the National contest in Germany 2011/2012 are Jan Smolka, Linus Wegner and Richard Philipp Kullmann from Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde. Congratulations!

Final of the YPEF National Stage in Portugal

Portuguese Winning Team!

Due to a tie in both tests, teams from Agrupamento de Escolas da Guia and Escola Secundária da Lousã made a presentation, in English, with title: “The Portuguese Forests”.
The best presentation belongs to Mónica Dias and Fernando Carvalho of Escola Secundária da Lousã, who were crowned National Winner Team of the 2nd edition of YPEF Contest.
CONGRATULATIONS to both teams for their commitment and effort demonstrated and GOD LUCK to Mónica and Fernando, which will represent Portugal on European Stage and compete with others Europeans pupils.

Let’s all support the National Team on European Stage in Estonia!


Results from the run-off test

On May 18th, Tânia Carreira, Catarina Grilo and Vítor Silva of Agrupamento de Escolas da Guia, as well as Mónica Dias and Fernando Carvalho of Escola Secundária da Lousã disputed the post of national winner team of YPEF.
This run-off test resulted in another tie between the two teams, making this National Stage the most competitive of the YPEF Contest.
Given these special circumstances, YPEF National Contest Commission established that the teams will have to make a presentation about “The Portuguese Forests” and answer the question: “Why do we want to participate in European Stage, in Estonia?”. The results will be announced on June 19th.
Who will wean and represent Portugal in Estonia?

Stay tuned and support the team of your school!

GOOD LUCK to both teams!

National Contest in Latvia

Final of the National stage in Latvia was held in 16 April, 2012. 9 schools from Latvia who collected the biggest number of points in firt stage were chosen to participate in second stage/final – to complete the knowledge test about Europe’s Forests.  Collecting all results were found three knowledgeable young people who `ll go to Estonia in Autumn time. They are students from Ventspils 4th High school:

- Agnis Kaspars Frišenfelds (47 of 50 maximum points)
- Maruta Roģe (47 p.)
- Roberts Bomis (45 p.)

JSC "Latvia`s State Forests" thanks for all National Contest participants and wish them luck in international contest.


The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest

The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest was held on Saturday 19 of May 2012. The Contest was organized by the National Commission, which was designated by the Management Body of Parnitha National Forest Park, and was supported by the Special Secretariat for Forests.
Twelve (12) teams of 2 students, aged 13-17, who live in Prefecture of Attiki, participated to the contest. Congratulation to all the students for their effort. More Info »

Final of Polish national stage of YPEF 2011/2012 contest

On 24th of May in the „Crystal Hall” of Warsaw University of Life Sciences took place the final of Polish national stage of YPEF 2011/2012 contest.

In the final participated 51 teams; 3 best teams in the qualifications from the area of each of 17 Regional Directorates of State Forests.

The winners with maximum score of 50 points were students: Rafał Wrzos, Radosław Barasiński, Mikołaj Górski from Prof. Stanisław Sokołowski Forestry School in Warcino. They are going to represent Poland during the European stage in Sagadi, Estonia -€“ congratulations!

Second place was taken by the team: Anna Banaś, Magdalena Basaj, Magdalena Sadownik, from F. D. Kniaźnin Secondary School No. 2 in Puławy.

Third place was taken by the team: Wioleta Nowicka, Michalina Skrzypińska, Izabela Janicka, from Kazimierz Jagiellończyk Secondary School in Sieradz.

Due to equal number of pints the second and third place was decided by drawing.

Congratulations to all laureates.