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Interview with Andreia Avila - from FORESTIS organization - host of YPEF 2013 Final Stage

Below please find a short interview with Andreia Avila who will be our host at the European Final of YPEF III edition in September 2013.


The third edition of the YPEF contest is announced!

On 7th - 8th of November took place the meeting of the YPEF ICC in Vienna. The third edition of the YPEF contest has been announced!  The schedule of the contest is as follows:  8th November 2012 – 30th November 2012 preparations to the contest – preparing educational materials; 1st  December 2012  – 31st January 2013  participants’ preparations, learning for the contest;
1st  February 2013 – 31st  May 2013  3rd edition, national stages in all YPEF partner countries;  September 2013, Portugal – 3rd edition, final stage. More Info »

Interviews from Sagadi YPEF Final


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Results of the YPEF 2012 European Final

On 26th  -27th  of September in Sagadi, Estonia took place the European Final of YPEF 2012 contest.  Teams from eleven countries participated in this event.