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National Stage in Hungary


The YPEF 2017 national final completed successfully.

The winner of the National Stage is the Baár-Madas Református Gimnázium’s team. 11 high schools’ 31 students got into the national final and compared their knowledge with each other.

The national competition is organized by the Hungarian National Forestry Association and the ‘Kitaibel Pál high school biology and environmental study contest’.

The students participating in the final had to solve a test about the European forest and forestry, and had to make a scientific poster about the forest fire and its relevance in the domestic forests.. The scientific posters produced by the teams one by one represented a very high standard, not only one even at university level.

The teams and their students:


Baár-Madas Ref.Gimn.

Lili Balsai

Imre Boldizsár

Benjamin Uri


Baár-Madas Ref.Gimn.

Edina Farkas

Phyllida Hamilton

Tímea Török


Roth Gyula Erdészeti, Faipari Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium

László Takács

Laura Bagi

Mátyás Varga


Kecskemét Katona József Gimnázium

Vivien Görög

Réka Szőke

Péter Juhász



Petra Fromann

Katalin Szoltsányi

Júlia Tardy


Roth Gyula Erdészeti, Faipari Szakképző Iskola és Kollégium

Attila Erdődi

Bence Okres


Teleki Blanka Gimnázium

Anna Erdélyi

Larina Szabados

Emília Csonka


Bársony István Mezőgazdasági Szakképző Iskola

Gergő Rácz

Róbert Király


Esztergomi Dobó Katalin Gimnázium

Máté Szén

Gergő Sárik

Péter Baki


Bársony István Mezőgazdasági Szakképző Iskola

Levente Zevegyi

Soma Ráhai

Máté Varga


Kiss Ferenc Erdészeti Szakképző Iskola

Imre Bíró

Félix Bucin

Levente Chudi

The winning team has the right to represent Hungary in the international final, which will be held in autumn 2017 in Hungary (Sopron).

For more information:


The National Stage of YPEF VII in Ukraine


The National Stage in Ukraine of international contest “ Young people in European Forests”  was held on Thursday 8 of June 2017. The Contest was organized by the State Forest Resource Agency of Ukraine and the Forester Association of Ukraine.
10 best forestry students from Zhytomyr, Kirovohrad and Poltava and regions participated to the contest.
Congratulations to all the students for their participation and effort!
At national stage competition was divided on 3 parts:
• testing general knowledge of Ukrainian forest and forestry.
• ability to understand the forest related issues.
• ability to communicate in English on forest related issues.
After evaluating the results the National Commission declared as the winner of the YPEF National Stage the team from the Poltava region:
Dubrova Yevheniia;
Maksakova Veronika;
Novoselova Tatiana.
The winners will participate at the European Stage, which will be held in Sopron (Hungary), 27th- 30th September 2017.
Natalia Tarasova

YPEF VII edition announced!

The seventh edition of the YPEF contest announced!

The YPEF International Commission announces the seventh edition of the international contest Young People in European Forests. National stages of the contest will be held between 1st of February and 15th of September 2017. The European Stage will be organized by Hungarian Forestry Association and will take place in Sopron, Hungary in the last week of September 2017.
Below we publish the Rules of YPEF contest 2016/2017:

Rules of the YPEF contest 2016/2017
and educational materials for YPEF 2016/ 2017:


Welcome to the YPEF VII !
We wish you success!

Read more: VI Edition of International Contest YPEF

          VI Edition of International Contest YPEF        

YPEF European Final 2016 in Latvia!


On 28-30 September 2016 took place in Latvia the European Final of the VI edition of the   International Contest  YPEF. The best teams from Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania and Ukraine arrived to Jaunmokas Palace, where new international teams have been created.  The final games took place in LVM Natura park in Tervete.

Winners are:

1 place:  Evrim Düzenli from Germany, Kristīne Krastiņa from Latvia, Eszter Anna Váradi from Hungary;

2 place:  Rugilė Andrejevskytė from Lithuania), Mārtiņš Robežnieks from Latvi, Sylvya Pasca from Romania;

3 place:  Maximilian Bubna-Litic from Austria, Ioanna-Ariadni Kaneleti from Greece, Katarzyna Leszczyńska from Poland.


All results of the YPEF Final 2016 click here
Photo gallery click here
Congratulations for winners and all participants of the YPEF European Final 2016 in Latvia!
Special thanks for organisers:  Latvian State Forests, in particular for Liga Abizare and Anda Sproge!

National stage in Germany 2016


YPEF is testing the knowledge about forests and creativity of young people between 13 to 19 years. It will be organized in 10 european countries. To be won are prizes in kind and the winner team of the national stage will take part at the international Forest conference 2016, which takes place in Latvia this year. At this conference from 28th of September to 30th of September 2016 the winners of all participating countries come together to discuss the status and the future of european forests. Exciting forest activities and field trips will be part of the programme. More Info »