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National competition


  • The National Stage Contest YPEF in Austria will take place in May 2016 (09.35 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.) at the Technical Forestry High School Bruck / Mur (Styria), Dr. Theodor Körnerstrasse 44, 8600 Bruck / Mur.
  • The exact date is not fixed at the moment.
  • In Austria the Contest is organized by the Union of Austrian Foresters.
  • The Contest language is English. The Contest has two parts:

1st part: Test (answering a list of prepared questions about European forests)
2nd part: short PP-presentation of „Different issues about Austrian Forest`s”

  • Participants are students from the 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes - Forestry High School.

Estonian national competition has 3 stages:
1st stage: teams compose 10 questions using official booklet and send them by e-mail by 15th February. Questions: 2 about Europe, 2 about Estonia and 6 questions about other countries. In English.
2nd stage: Web quiz with 50 questions on 29th March. Each question has 4 answers from which one is correct. In English.
3rd stage: Estonian final on 16th and 17th May with quiz, practical assignments in the forest and poster presentation. Partly English, partly Estonian.


          V Edition of International Contest YPEF         

YPEF VI edition

          VI Edition of International Contest YPEF        


Rules of the contest


YPEF 2015 European Final, Busteni, Romania

From September 21st to 25th, teams from 11 European countries had an undeniable pleasure to visit picturesque Bușteni (Romania), where the European Final of fifth edition of YPEF contest was held. 

Throughout these five days, participants had a chance to admire Romanian nature, see and hike through beautiful Bucegi Mountains, get to know each other and last but not least - learn about European forests.

Tasks of this year’s final was: 
- paper test
- field activities in the forest
- preparation and presentation of the posters on various forest related topics.

The winners of the YPEF 2015 European Final are:

1st place
Radosław Rzadkowolski (Poland), Galushka Andriy (Ukraine) and Halip Vasile (Romania)

2nd place
Tobias Ofner (Austria), Gytis Šaulys (Lithuania), Maria Inês Quelhas (Portugal)

3rd place
Marta Svalbone (Latvia), Maria João Couto (Portugal), Cocris Eduard (Romania)

Complete results table:

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YPEF National Stage in Germany

The winners of this year’s contest are again Chantal Bohn, Luca Nahs and Philine Wegner from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde. They will go to Busteni in Romania, a mountain resort in Prahova Valley, at the foothills of Bucegi Natural Park. On Wednesday the 15th of July 2015 the winners were honoured at the plenary meeting of the last school day before summer holidays. All pupils, teachers and the principal of the school attended the event. The winners received a high quality tent for future stays, adventures and excursions into the forest. In addition further prices were given to the students who came second and third in the contest. The second place received Nele Gehricke, Lisa Schill and Pirkko Wolbrink and the third place Liesa Wehner and Shirley Daugsch. Furthermore there was a different group of students of another school that came third: Maximilian Friederisszyk, Johannes Herzog and Peer-Alec Poppe of OSZ OPR Neuruppin. Congratulations to all of you! Very well done! Thanks to all German participants and their teachers for taking part in the national contest of Young People in European Forests 2015! We hope to welcome you again next year!

The YPEF 2015 national stage in Latvia


In Latvia the YPEF National Stage of the Contest was organized on 9th of June by JSC "Latvia`s State Forests" (LVM) in cooperation with Ogre Technical School.
15 students from Ogre Technical School forestry and forestry equipment department got into the national final and compare their knowledge with each other.
The competitionwas held intwo parts: the first round, the contestantshadto answerindividuallyto the50test questionsabout Latvian and European forest and forestry. The challenge for the second round was to create aA3poster, with a shortannotationin English. The competitionposterswere selectedtopics such as-Bioenergyfromforests in Europe, Endangered speciesin European forests, Wildlife managementinEuropeanforests, Natura 2000and otherforest-relate themes.


The winners: Marta Svalbone and Matīss Mūrnieks will participate in the European Final Stage of the YPEF contest in Busteni, Romania. Congratulations!

National stage in Ukraine

The victory of “Green Planet” in the regional meeting of “school forestries”

Traditionally in May at the end of school year the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Kirovograd together with the Regional Organization of Foresters and the community unit “Regional centre of ecological and natural art of school youth” organize the regional meeting of “school forestries”.

On the 22 of May in the Novoarkhangelsk recreation centre for children “Brygantyna” 13 teams of young foresters from the best “school forestries” were gathered.

The Head of the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Kirovograd Natalia Revenko addressed in her speech to young foresters with the words of gratitude for protecting and renovation of forests. She also pointed the great importance of cooperation with youth, because these young people will soon work on the greening of steppe Kirovograd Region.

The official part of the meeting ended with a planting of alley of Friendship by young foresters.

Young guests of the “Brygantyna” had to work hard during the whole year to become the best “school forestry” in the region. The main point of the meeting was a competition programme, which included an exbition of achievements and presentation of “school forestries” as well as the educational game “Travelling in the Forest”.

After the competition the entertainment programme “In the Friends’ Circle” took place and official results were announced.

The prizes were divided as follows: the third place took school forestries “Flora” (Kirovograd), Bogdanivskie (School Nr 1 of Znamiansky district) and Birkivskie (School of Birkivskie in Oleksandrivske District). The second place was granted to forestries Veselobukovenkivske (Ivanivksa School of Dolynskie District), Onufriivske (Onufriivska School) and Chervono-Nerubaivskie (Pidlisnensky Educational Centre of Oleksandrivski Region). According to the judges the first place won the team “Green Planet” which represented the Kompaniivska School.

Young foresters received presents and honorary certificates from the organizers - memorable books on nature and native land, computer memory cards and sweets.

Kirovograd foresters are proud of their young generation and wish them further successes!

The winners: Galushka Andriy, Mikhailov Sergiy and Samoylenko Liliya will participate in the European Final Stage of the YPEF contest in Busteni, Romania. Congratulations!