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The fourth edition of the YPEF contest announced!

ypef 15/11/2013

ZdjęcieOn 8th of November took place the meeting of the YPEF International Commission in HNE Eberswalde (University of Sustainable Development), Germany. The fourth edition of the YPEF contest has been announced!  

The following resolution was passed by the YPEF IC members:

“The YPEF International Commission announces the fourth edition of the Young People in European Forests contest. National stages of the contest will be held between 1st of February and 30th of June 2014. The European Stage will take place in Eberswalde,  Germany in the days: 29th September – 3rd October 2014.“

Soon we will publish the new rules of the contest 2013/2014. You can expect some significant changes, especially concerning the Final Stage.

Until beginning of January we will also publish the educational materials for the fourth edition of the contest.

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