Polish National Stage YPEF 2022

Polish National Stage YPEF 2022

Dear All!

on behalf of the Forest’s Friends Society (TPL) and the Faculty of Forestry of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, we invite you to participate in the 2022 edition of YPEF International Competition “Young People in European Forests”.

Our competition this year will not have an international final due war in Ukraine. We do not want to move the final to another country. We dedicate this decision to our friends from Ukraine.

However, we would like not to stop despite troublesome times. Individual national committees of the competition will decide individually whether and in what form to organize this edition. The Polish Committee decided that the competition would be held on the rules of the first stage of the previous year.

A team of three (people aged 15-19) prepares a presentation in English (without interference from outside the team) on Urban forests

A multimedia presentation or a film (photos, graphics, films, with text annotation, maximum 15-20 slides) should be made in .ppt, .pdf, .pptx or recorded movie format. The maximum size of the work is not limited when it is placed in the cloud. At the end of the presentation, two additional slides should be placed: one with the list of source materials with their authors, the other with the data of the authors of the presentation (authors’ names, school name and class attended by the authors). Such information should also be included in the video.

Assessment (apart from the substantive side of the presentation) will include the personal involvement of the authors in the work (it is worth specifying who handled what), the originality of the idea and the quality of execution. It is not enough to duplicate the information available on the web.

Submit your work

The teacher-coordinator sends by separate e-mail each multimedia presentation, film or link enabling the work to be downloaded (from disk, cloud, etc.) along with data about the school and participants. Attachments sent by e-mail cannot be larger than 20MB. Please send the Competition Committee to the following address: michal_orzechowski@sggw.edu.pl

We are waiting for the presentations until midnight of June 19, 2022.

Assessment of works

The national committee of the YPEF will evaluate the submitted works and will select the best one, the authors of which will be the winners of this unique edition of the competition. The Commission reserves the right to classify presentations, and therefore the number of awards, depending on the level of submitted works.

Information about the competition can be obtained from:

Chairman of the National YPEF Commission in Poland
dr inż. Michał Orzechowski

We invite you to participate in the contest!