YPEF 2022

YPEF 2022

Friends and Supporters of our YPEF competition!

We know that you are waiting for the next edition to be announced and your patience will soon be awarded.

We also know that the time of war in Ukraine is not a good time to organise our competition and especially the European final, which was scheduled to take place in Ukraine. We also do not want to take this honour away from our Ukrainian friends and move the final to another country.

This is why we are proposing this solution:

– each of the national committees can organise the competition in their country that can be based on a common booklet (check update version!) remotely or not;

– we do not organise the European final in 2022, dedicating this decision to our friends from brave Ukraine;

We believe that the next edition can be organised in the Europe of Peace.

On behalf of the YPEF International Committee
MichaƂ Orzechowski